u-stem internship sites include Italian and non Italian institutions focusing on basic research or dedicated to applied biomedicine. At least two different labs have to be chosen by u-stem students.


Site City  Type


Trieste  Research

University of Milan

Milan  Research

Sapienza University

Rome  Research and clinics

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Modena  Research and Clinics

San Raffaele Hospital

Milan  Research and Clinics

University of Padua

Padua  Research

Institut Pasteur

Paris  Research
National Institute of Health Bethesda  Research and Clinics
IGMM-CNRS Montpellier  Research

Nanyang Technology University

Singapore  Research and Clinics

University of Manchester

Manchester Research

University of Cambridge

Cambridge  Research


Madrid  Research and Clinics

Technical University of Dresden

Dresden  Research


New York  Research and Clinics