Isabella Saggio  graduated in Biological Sciences at Sapienza University. She worked at Istituto Superiore di Sanità, at Merck laboratories, where she had her PhD and then as postdoc at the Institut Gustave Roussy in Paris, France. Since 1998 she is at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology of Sapienza University, firstly as a research assistant and, since 2002, as an associate professor. In 2016 she qualified full proessor of Genetics. Her scientific interests focus on the dissection of aging drivers and on the design of gene and stem cell therapeutic strategies. In 2006 she founded the Master course of Science Communication at Sapienza, and since 2017 she co-directs the Master in Stem cells and genome editing at the same University. She is visiting scientist at Nanyang Technological University Singapore and coordinator of exchange activities between Sapienza and Diderot University Paris, France.



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